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Top 8 Anime Stores to Buy Anime Toys and Collectibles


Looking to beef up your collection of anime toys and trading cards? Here's my picks for the best anime stores on the web to buy all your favorite anime stuff.

1. Atamaii

Detective Conan, Ghost in the Shell, Hamtaro and Dot Hack.. These are just a few of the toy lineups you can find at Atamaii. Toys, calendars, action figures... they've got it all. Located in Nebraska, Atamaii is a member of the BBB Online and accepts checks, money orders and all major credit cards. Be sure to sign up for their mailing list so you don't miss out on hot new items.

2. Anime Collectibles

Okay, where to start? Cels, trading cards, dolls, action figures... Anime Collectibles has everything you could imagine, including a few Sailor Moon figures on the card. Inuyasha, Akira, Ah My Goddess... you name it, Anime Collectibles has it.

3. Right Stuf

Right Stuf has everything anime, from DVD's and videos to toys, scrolls, action figures, anime bedding and other great anime goodies. In fact, as anime stores go, Right Stuf is one of the best places to start shopping!

As a sidenote, FUNimation's Z Store is now part of Right Stuf too so you're actually getting two great anime stores in one!

4. Tons of Toys

This is a really fun site to shop. Tons of Toys has a wide variety of new and old anime collectibles, dating back to the 1970's. Scroll through the categories to find the anime era you love the best and then browse the amazing collection of dolls, action figures and other great anime goodies.

5. ToyWiz

If you like anime collectibles, ToyWiz should definitely be on your list of places to shop. DVD's, action figures and a wide selection of trading card games are just a few of the things you'll find. Transformers, Halo, Megaman and Tamagotchis are a small sample of the huge collection of anime goodies.

6. Bandai

Bandai makes those great Power Rangers plus Mobile Suit Gundam, DICE and Teen Titans to name a few. They've also got Astro Boy, Digimon and Jaqun Fighters.

7. Image Anime

Appleseed, Cowboy Bebop, FLCL.. the list just goes on and on. Nestled in New York city, Image Anime carries a huge selection of anime action figures, plushes, diecast, model kits and more. They've even got novelty items, anime apparel and anime CD soundtracks.

8. Robert's Anime Corner Store

Robert's Anime Corner Store has been around for quite some time and when you see their inventory, you'll understand why. They carry everything from action figures and DVD's to journals, jewelry and even zippo lighters. If you want to do some serious anime shopping, this is the store for you.

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