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Where to Watch One Piece Anime Episodes Online for Free

Easy to understand information on where and how to watch the popular anime series, One Piece online for free! You want to read this.

Transformers Energon Collection One (DVD) Review

Unicron Returns and the Transformers Armada Saga Continues in Transformers Energon Collection One on DVD. Read our full review complete with special features information, episode review and links for where to buy Transformers Energon DVDs online.

Pokemon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction Review

Review of the first Pokemon movie based on the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y video games set in the Kalos region, Pokemon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction.

Fairy Tail Collection 9 (Blu-ray) Review

Detailed review of Fairy Tail Collection 9 on Blu-ray. Season Three starts here and the series will be changed forever.

Where to Watch Free Bleach Anime Online

How to save money by watching Bleach anime episodes and movies online for free. Totally legal and very easy to do.

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Review

Dragon Ball Z is back with the new movie, Battle of Gods. Is it any good? Check out the full review complete with high quality images and viewing age info.

Dragon Ball Z: The Worst Wish in History

A new Dragon Ball Z movie has been confirmed for 2015! Read all about it here.

Top 5 Must See Studio Ghibli Movies

Wondering which Studio Ghibli films to watch? Check out these five classics complete with basic plot information and age suitability.

10 Japanese Words Otaku Get Totally Wrong

Going to study Japanese after getting into anime? Make sure you know what these words really mean.

Must Watch Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby Anime

Return to the Hoenn region in the Pokemon anime with this useful guide to the Hoenn episodes and movies.

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