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Dragonball Z Movie 10: Broly's Second Coming


Dragonball Z Movie 10: Broly Second Coming - Photo Courtesy of FUNimation

Dragonball Z Movie 10: Broly Second Coming - Photo Courtesy of FUNimation


The Bottom Line

I'm a huge DBZ fan so I love pretty much anything they can sling my way and as action anime goes, this is definitely a keeper. I do enjoy the more calculating villains though - Cell was a really good one - and while Broly's got plenty of brute, he's a bit lacking in personality. Overall though, if you like DBZ, you'll like this one too.
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  • Its Dragonball Z... need I say more?
  • Plenty of action.


  • Broly's not my favorite villian - he reminds me of an ape and has about the same vocabulary.


  • NA Release Date: 4/5/2005
  • Run time: 62 minutes
  • Rated: 13+
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Battle

Guide Review - Dragonball Z Movie 10: Broly's Second Coming

Seven years ago, Goku defeated Broly and sent him packing. But unbeknownst to our favorite Z-Fighters, Broly's back and they're about to come face-to-face.

Apparently, Broly's spaceship crashed in the mountains and Broly has been encased in ice all this time. When Videl, Goten and Trunks go looking for the seventh dragonball, they come upon a village with a barbaric and brutal tradition. The villagers are preparing to sacrifice a young girl to a nasty beast who terrorizes the village and of course, the kiddos decide to save the girl and take the monster on.

Unfortunately, all their fighting and explosions free Broly and while the kids don't realize who he is, they do quickly figure out that he's one tough customer. But as luck would have it, Gohan shows up and having been involved in the first Broly battle with his Dad, he knows exactly who he's fighting and what he's up against.

Also unfortunate is that Goku is no longer around except in spirit form so it looks as if Gohan and the kids will have to handle this one alone... won't they?

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