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New Manga Online Issue Available


Updated January 15, 2006
The new January issue of Manga Online is now up at TOKYOPOP and I thought you might like a sneak peek inside :)

This month's edition features an inside look at the manga writing process with Rikki Simons, co-creator of Shutterbox. There's also an in-depth interview with Queenie Chan, creator of The Dreaming, a new suspense-horror manga available from you guessed it... TOKYOPOP. And, in addition to the fan letters and manga news and events, there's a sneak peek at the Manga print edition that includes an exclusive chapter of Fruits Basket volume 13.

If you haven't already subscribed to this great manga resource, you're seriously missing out. It is after all, free. Yes, that's right... TOKYOPOP offers Manga Online completely free, both in web and print version.

To get access to these online goodies (plus subscribe to the free print edition), set up your account here.

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