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Top 8 Best Books to Learn to Draw Manga


Wish you could draw manga? Want to learn how? Here's my top picks for how=to books that will have you drawing your favorite manga characters (and maybe a few of your own!) in no time at all.

1. How to Draw Manga in Your Own Unique Style

This nice little paperpack provides an inside look at manga characters and the unique qualities transposed from their creators. Follow Bruce Lewis' suggestions, and bring your manga characters to life.
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2. Manga Mania Video Games~

Take your manga drawing one step further and learn the secrets of drawing your favorite video game characters.
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3. Draw Super Manga!

Preorder David Okum's Draw Super Manga!, a great guide to basic manga character creation. Available in July, 2005.
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4. How To Draw Manga Delux Official Kit

Those of you serious to step up your manga drawing skills will love this! A complete, in the box manga drawing kit that includes an exclusive "How To Draw Manga" book, G-pen, Maru pen ribs, manga drawing paper and more!
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5. Manga Mania Fantasy Worlds

Like your manga to have a little sword and sorcery? Then this is the book for you. Learn how to build the fantastic mythical worlds found in your favorite anime RPGs and fantasy mangas.
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6. How To Draw Manga Getting Started

Another winner from the "How To Draw Manga" series, Getting Started helps even us beginners in the group master the art of drawing great manga.
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7. Let's Draw Manga - All About Fighting

What's a good manga story without some choice fight scenes? Let's Draw Manga - All About Fighting helps you create those hard-to-master poses when your characters are in the heat of battle.
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8. You Can Draw Manga

You Can Draw Manga not only gives you basic drawing techniques, it also shows you how to create your own story line, develop plots and much more.
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