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Want to get started on that Slayer costume but not sure where to start? Here's a list of sites that will get you going -- from sample work to detailed how-to's.
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How to Choose Your Cosplay Costume
With so many great cosplay opportunities around, serious anime fans love to get creative with their costume creations. But how do you choose the right cosplay costume for you? Here's some simple tips to help you pick the perfect costume every time.

Anime Dating Game
What happens when you mix cosplay and dating? The anime dating game of course! A new event that is starting to take hold in anime conventions everywhere, the anime dating game gives simple cosplay a whole new twist. Get the details here.

Cosplay: What Is It?
Learn about the basics of "cosplay," the art and pastime of dressing up as one's favorite anime character.

Cosplay - Wikipedia
A great Wikipedia resource on cosplay trends, venues and background.

A cosplay community providing tips on costuming, conventions, cosplaying and more. Pics, forums and even a cosplayer store.

Need a costume? Or maybe just that one special piece? Chances are, Cosworx can help. From boots and pumps to wigs, makeup, wings and stockings, you'll find plenty to stock your cosplaying closet.

Anime Costume Resources
Halloween and anime were just made for each other, weren't they? With cosplay such a popular activity among anime fans, it seems Halloween is the perfect holiday to pull out all the anime stops. Still working on your costume? Here's some online resources to help you out.

Need a Fullmetal Alchemist costume? Or how about something from Gundam Seed? Bleach, DOA, Gungrave, Naruto, Rozen Maiden... you can find it here.

Costume Society of America
Organization dedicated to costume making. Find an events calendar, membership info and more.

Sailor Jamboree
A cosplay group dedicated to the Sailor Moon series. Convention and costume info included on the site.

The Cosply Link Page
A great resource for cosplay artists and fans. Includes convention links, group info and a one-page intro.

The Costume Page
If you want to learn to make costumes, this is the page. Tons of links and resources for anyone interested in the art of costume-making.

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