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What happens when a 15 year-old spirit-seeing boy meets up with a female death god? Just ask Kurosaki Ichigo, our hero in the popular manga/anime title, Bleach. Find the best of the Bleach web here.

Bleach The Movie: Hell Verse
Ichigo and friends venture into the bowels of the underworld to save those close to them, in the fourth movie spun off from the ''Bleach'' universe.

Bleach on VIZAnime
Watch episodes of the show, courtesy of VIZ.

Bleach Official Website (Japanese)
The official Bleach website - in Japanese only.

Bleach Portal
If you want a Bleach resource, this is definitely a good place to start. Character stats, game info, ghost info, AIM icons, wallpapers, music downloads and even a personality quiz. Whew... :)

Anime Lab
Grab yourself some cool Bleach wallpapers for your desktop.

Anime Galaxies
Get character bios, wallpapers and buddy icons plus lots of Bleach news and updates.

Another great Bleach resource, you can find a manga guide, Bleach encyclopedia, bios, spell guide, chat room, fan art... the list goes on and on.

A great Bleach overview, this Wikipedia contribution is complete with character bios, locations and links.

Bleach Exile
Find Captains guide, downloads, music and even ringtones for your cell.

Lots of great Bleach stuff including manga chapters, fansubs, downloads and episode summaries.

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