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Manga Studio - Software for Manga Artists

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Aspiring artists, listen up... there's a new software in town.. and it's just what you've been looking for.

What it does

Manga Studio is an all-inclusive software program that takes your manga projects from start to finish. In addition to basic layout and and design, Manga Studio also includes a whole host of tools and extras to make creating your original manga as simple as can be.

The flexible program will work with a traditional mouse as well as a pen tablet and can also incorporate your scanned artwork into your project.


Design/Layout - Brush and drawing tools, 80+ page templates, single or multi-page layouts, page organization, layer capability.

Effects - 3000+ built-in screen tones or create your own, word balloons, lettering tools, background effects, motion and focus tools.

Publishing - export to a variety of formats for digital publishing or print directly from your computer.


Debut (Limited) Edition - $49

Executive (Complete) Edition - $299

Free Trial Version available via download.

Extra Bonus

Manga Studio also has a variety of add-ons (click here for more) that can be purchased to give you even more creative flexibility. Choose from action poses, heads shots and standing poses and import a variety of templates for immediate use.

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