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How to Build An Anime Blog


Are you ready to jump on the blogging bandwagon and build your own anime blog? Its actually not as complex as you might think. Here's some great tips and tricks to have you blogging about your favorite anime shows in no time flat.

Pick Your Blog
The great thing about blogging is that there's so many free resources out there to use and, if you know what you're doing, you can customize them to suit your personal style. Some free blogs to consider are Blogger.com, TheBlog.cc, WordPress.org and HubPages.com.

Another anime blog option is to use one of the many social networks that are popping up on the web. MySpace for example or Kaneva or even TOKYOPOP's member site.

Don't see any you like? Just do a search for "free blog" and see what comes up.

Make It Snazzy
Its not mandatory, but if you're going to have an anime blog, you might as well make it look like an anime blog. Try adding some pics of your favorite anime characters or even better, incorporate them into your own custom header image.

Blogging for Dollars
Another cool aspect of having a blog is that you can include your Google Adsense coding as well as all your favorite affiliate programs. Blend the advertisements into your blog postings or create separate sidebars to highlight new promotions.

Get to Writing
Now that you've got a blog, what do you put on it? Anything and everything that you love about anime and manga! Think character profiles, episode guides, weapons or attack glossaries, image galleries... the list just goes on and on. Remember, the more you put into your blog, the more your readers will keep checking back.

Promote Your Blog
Once you've set everything up and you've added some content, you'll want to start promoting your blog to get those readers coming in. But how? One idea is to promote your RSS. Blogs typically include an RSS feed that allows readers to subscribe and be instantly notified everytime you update your blog. Find your RSS feed and then go to FeedBurner.com and create a free account. FeedBurner will generate a "feed" for you that includes all the subscribe links you need. You can then "ping" all the various RSS Feed services by using a free service such as Ping-O-Matic.

Another easy way to promote your blog is to allow your blog hosting company (such as Blogger.com) to include your blog in their listing. And don't forget self-promotion: add links to your blog to your forum signatures, email signatures, etc. to help spread the word. You'll have new readers to your anime blog in no time!

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