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Anime Series and Movies A-Z

Full rundowns of popular anime titles, series reviews, character biographies, and much more.
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Top 5 Must See Studio Ghibli Movies
Wondering which Studio Ghibli films to watch? Check out these five classics complete with basic plot information and age suitability.

Best Anime Titles on Blu-ray Disc: TV Series
Which are the best anime series on Blu-ray Disc -- both for their content and picture quality?

Most Anticipated Anime Releases of Spring 2012
The most eagerly-awaited new anime releases for the second quarter of 2012.

Best Anime Shows of the Decade - 2000 to 2009
Wow... another decade almost over. And what a decade it's been! We've seen a wide variety of new anime over the last ten years... some good, some bad, and some that was absolutely amazing! So, which anime titles blew us away in the 2000's? Here's my top picks for that list.

Newly Revised All Time Anime Classics
There's tons of great anime out there. But, as with an genre, there's always a few that never get old. Here's my top picks for the all-time anime movie greats.

Most Anticipated Anime Releases of Winter 2012
The most eagerly-awaited new anime releases for the first quarter of 2012.

The Shows of Noitamina
Learn more about the broadcast block in Japan that's been bringing some of that country's most inventive and innovative anime to audiences both there and abroad.

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