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Anime Primer

Wondering what Anime is all about? Get the inside scoop on Anime, including the history, the art and where you go to find more.
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What Is Anime?
A quick introduction to Japanese animation, with some commonly-asked questions.

A Brief History of Anime
A short overview of anime's origins and history, from the early silent era to today.

I'm new to anime. Where do I start?
New to anime? Find out what to start watching without getting lost.

Is It Anime or Cartoons?
What's the difference between anime and Western / American cartoons? The differences are many, and often striking. Here's a quick guide to many of the common differences between anime and conventional cartoon shows.

A Decade of Anime - 2000 to 2009
In just a few weeks, we'll celebrate 2010. But this first day of the year won't just mark a new year, it will also mark the beginning of a new decade. So, in honor of the anime we love, the companies that make them and you, the die-hard fans, here's a look back at some of anime's most notable moments over the last decade.

Light Novels (And Their Relation to Anime)
How do these short, fast-reading novels -- first published in Japan, now coming into other languages -- inspire anime projects? Find out more here.

Buyer's Guide to Anime Genres and Themes
Like any kind of entertainment, anime is broken down into a number of genres, demographics and themes. Find out how to choose the right anime for you with this quick buyer's guide to the different subsets of anime.

Should My Kids Watch Anime?
Is it okay for your kids to watch anime? Learn more about this popular past-time and get tips on how to make sure your kids' anime is age-appropriate.

Anime and the Reverse Importing Problem
Why do anime titles produced for U.S. or English-speaking audiences find their way back to Japan? Find out more here.

Why Do Some Anime Never Get Licensed?
Learn more about why some anime titles never make it out of Japan.

The Anime Dubbing Process
How anime is rendered into English.

Anime Beginnings
It all had to start somewhere. What was your first anime?

Anime 201: Some Understanding of Japan Required
Slightly more advanced shows, which need some awareness of Japanese culture and anime generally.

Anime 301: The Long And Winding Shows
Anime shows which require a major investment of time for the viewer.

Get Your Anime Without Breaking Your Budget
Tips to enjoy all the latest and greatest shows without breaking the bank in the process.

What is Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal?
Sailor Moon is back with a completely new anime series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal!

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