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Rurouni Kenshin Goes Monthly

Fan Support Gives Kenshin A New Schedule


Updated October 03, 2004
VIZ, LLC, has announced to its Rurouni Kenshin manga will be published on a monthly basis beginning with Volume 7 in October of 2004.

Due to strong sales and consumer demand,Rurouni Kenshin will now enjoy a regular monthly publication of its own. One of the best selling mangas in the States, Kenshin has consistently stayed at the top of the best selling graphic novels list. Viz was watching and decided it was time to give the fans what they wanted.

The story of a wandering samurai, Volume 7 will see Kenshin challenged to a duel by Saitô Hajime, Captain of the third unit of the Shinsengumi revolutionaries, now an officer of the law known as "Fujita Gorô". The challenge will force a reawakening of Kenshin's past and the beginning of something that will involve the future of the new Japan.

To read the full press release from Viz, visit their .

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