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How To Be A Super Saiyan


Do you feel an unexplained kinship with Goku and Vegeta? Is there a little voice inside that urges you to power up? If you think you may have been a super-saiyan in a previous life, here's a few tips for reclaiming your heritage.
Time Required: Lifelong Study

Here's How:

  1. First, the obvious: actually being a saiyan would help immensely. Barring that however, you must learn to think like a saiyan. Saiyans love a challenge. They use their time wisely ("boredom" is out of the question) and they never settle for less than their personal best.
  2. Train, train and train some more.
  3. A saiyan's power comes from within. Learn to focus your energy on the task at hand.
  4. As we learned from Goku's many battles, strategy is just as important as strength. Put on your thinking cap and start thinking outside the box. Try a few logic puzzles to get you started. They're addicting :)
  5. Are you training yet?
  6. Even though Gohan wanted to spend more time with his father, Goku agreed that his schoolwork was just as important. The moral? The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Get busy broadening your mental horizons.
  7. A saiyan is in touch with his (or her) surroundings and, as we all know, can use the energy from other living creatures to help boost his own power. Are you on good terms with the Earth?
  8. No, you're still not finished. Keep training.
  9. Becoming a super saiyan (or anything else for that matter) doesn't happen overnight. So, unless you have access to a hyperbolic chamber, you're going to have to learn a little thing called patience. Relax, Vegeta... everything comes in its own time.
  10. The final step? Perserverance. Saiyans never give up and neither should you.

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