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About.com 2013 Readers' Choice Awards: Best Anime Of 2012

Instructions: Fill in only one item per box for your nomination. You must nominate at least one item when requested. Second and third choices are optional, but recommended.

For inspiration in some categories, check out our Best New Anime Of 2012, and our 2012 Readers' Choice Awards winners as well.

Remember to provide a link or URL where prompted.

Nomination Categories:

Best New Anime Of 2012 On DVD/BD

What was the best newly-released series in 2012 on DVD or Blu-ray Disc? Anime titles released in both formats at once are also eligible, and shows, OVAs, or standalone films are all valid.

Please limit your selections to titles released in English or with English subtitles. Japanese-only releases will not be considered.

Best New Anime Of 2012 On Streaming/Download

What was the best newly-premiered series in 2012 on any of the various streaming services that provide anime in English?

Once again, limit your selections to titles released in English or with English subtitles; Japanese-only releases will not be considered.

Best Anime Reissue In 2012 (Any Format)

It's always a shame to see an anime title go out of print, but a real thrill to watch it come back into print. What was the best reissue of a previously-released or out-of-print series in 2012?

Best Anime Distributor of 2012

The number of anime distributors is still a small handful, but that doesn't mean there can't be fierce competition between them to be the best. Which anime distributor -- that released titles in English -- was the best of 2012?

Best Streaming/Download Service Of 2012

Streaming's fast becoming the way to get anime. Which streaming service, or download service, outshone the competition in 2012 (again, for English-speaking audiences)?

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Awards FAQ

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