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Anime: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Anime for Adults: 21 Movies and TV Shows...
The best anime in all categories, for mature audiences, as collected by your Anime.about.com guide.
All the details on the new Sailor Moon anime,...
All the details on the new Sailor Moon anime, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal.
13 Live-Action Anime Adaptations You've Gotta See
The greatest adaptations of anime to live action films, as ranked by our Anime.about.com guide.
These 11 Samurai-Themed Anime Titles are a Cut...
The best samurai-themed anime out there, from the more historically accurate to the flat-out outlandish.
Top 20 Essential Anime
Here's a list of anime — both shows and movies — that make up the "core curriculum" for an anime watcher.
The 11 Best Anime Romances
Best Anime Romances - The most heartwarming anime love stories.
Great Science Fiction Anime
Great Science Fiction Anime - The best science-fiction themed anime shows
Best Sword & Sorcery Fantasy Anime
The best Western-style fantasy titles in anime, from Guin Saga to Claymore.
How To Write Your Own Manga
Think you've got a manga story in you somewhere? Most of us are capable of coming up with a decent storyline. Its getting it out on paper that takes some skill. Here's a few tips to help you bring out the next best seller.
What Is Anime?
A quick introduction to Japanese animation, with many common questions answered.
Top 8 Anime Love Stories
Do you love anime? Do you long for a good love story? Well, here's the best of both. Just in time for Valentine's Day, here's my top picks for romance in anime.
I'm new to anime. Where do I start?
Find out where to start with anime without getting lost in the thicket of titles and possibilities out there.
Best Slice-Of-Life Anime
No giant robots, no alien catgirls, just the goodness of everyday real life. Here's a rundown of the best anime that take place in the here and now.
Most Controversial Anime
Some anime open eyes; some turn heads. Here's a rundown of the most head-turning, controversy-sparking anime titles over the years.
Should My Kids Watch Anime?
Is it okay for your kids to watch anime? Learn more about this popular past-time and get tips on how to make sure your kids' anime is age-appropriate.
Best English Dubs for Anime
See what our guide recommends as some of the best-acted, quirkiest and most memorable English-dubbed anime out there.
A definition for seiyuu, or seiyu, in terms of anime.
Saddest Anime
Not all anime have happy endings. Here's some of our favorites anime that bring on the tears.
Anime 102: A Course of Anime For Newcomers
A list of shows for those new to anime, which emphasize being relatively easy to watch and understand.
The Films of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli
A list of the anime features created and released by Hayao Miyazaki and his production company.
Top 8 Best Books to Learn to Draw Manga
Wish you could draw manga? Want to learn how? Here's my top picks for how-to books that will have you drawing your favorite manga characters (and maybe a few of your own!) in no time at all.
: The word mecha comes from the Japanese "meka", which is an abbreviated version of the English word
Like movies, books and any other form of entertainment, Japanese animation has its own set of genres. Here's some basics on hentai - anime for mature audiences only.
All about seinen, the anime subcategory intended for adult male audiences.
Live Action Anime Script Writing Contest
Ready to write your own live action anime script? Well, I know someone who would like to see it. Get the details here.
Anime That Deserve Live-Action Adaptations
Suggestions for anime that should be made into live-action feature films.
: A term used in anime to describe a span of episodes, usually twelve to thirteen, but sometimes as few
Best Mecha Anime
Learn about anime in the ''mecha'' genre, where giant robots and even bigger human ambitions clash.
Best Anime Heroines
The greatest female characters in all of anime.
Best Anime For All Ages
Our favorite anime titles for all ages, parents and children alike.
How To Make Your Own Anime Music Video
Anime conventions have picked up on this cool aspect of anime and have built entire competitions around the talents of fan-made videos. Want to make your own anime music video? Here's a quick how-to to get you started.
Top 10 Ways to Get Your Manga Rejected
Do you dream of writing your own anime or manga series? Is there a story in you just waiting to get out? Writing that story is one thing... getting it published is yet another. Here's my list of dont's that will keep your manga from making it to print.
Top Anime from the 60s, 70s and 80
Once upon a time, anime was all but unknown outside of Japan except for a handful of shows that found their way overseas. But those few shows had a galvanizing effect on past and present fans. Here's a list of the best shows from before the 1990s, when anime really started to make inroads internationally.
A Brief History of Anime
A short overview of anime's origins and history, from the early silent era to today.
A term used to describe the contrasting quality of animation within anime productions.
How the ‘Evangelion’ Live-Action...
It sounded like an anime fan's dream project: a live-action version of the groundbreaking ''Evangelion.'' So why didn't it ever happen?
Black Butler (Season 1, Part 1)
A review of the anime TV series Black Butler (Season 1, Part 1), released on DVD in English by FUNimation.
Best Anime Titles on Blu-ray Disc: Feature Films
The best feature anime films on Blu-ray Disc, with both outstanding picture quality and extras.
How to Build An Anime Blog
Are you ready to jump on the blogging bandwagon and build your own anime blog? Its actually not as complex as you might think. Here's some great tips and tricks to have you blogging about your favorite anime shows in no time flat.
Best Anime Soundtracks
Musical scores and soundtracks for anime are too often taken for granted as just another part of the whole. Break them out on their own, though, and you'll sometimes find music as good as anything created for a Hollywood film or a platinum-selling album. Here's a list of the very best soundtracks created for anime, most available as domestic or sometimes imported CD editions. (Pressings for anime soundtracks are often rather small, so keep your eyes open -- these go fast.)
Case Closed Quiz
Case Closed Quiz Are you a Case Closed fan? Think you know Conan like the back of your hand? Well, take
13 Chilling Horror Anime
When leaves are on the ground and jack-o-lanterns flicker in the windows, it's time to load up the DVD player with anime titles that send a chill down the spine.
Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends
A mixed bag: a comedic look at a potentially serious subject, but with too much fanservice and too little invention to be really compelling.
Dragon Ball Z Characters - The Bad Guys
Dragon Ball Z Characters - The Bad Guys
Interview: Mamoru Hosoda, Director of ''Wolf...
The director of the film that beat PIXAR's ''Brave'' at the Japanese box office talks about film, family, and CG.
Buyer's Guide to Anime Genres and Themes
How to learn about anime genres and themes, the better to find the shows you do want to watch.
Top 8 Favorite Supernatural Animes
Like ghosts, goblins and things that go bump? Me too :) So in honor of these creepy goodies, I put together a list of my favorite supernatural anime shows. Do you have a favorite not listed here? Drop me a line and tell me about it!
Top 20 Guide's Favorites
What anime shows does your About.com guide like best? Here are twenty of his favorite and most often-recommended titles.
Hellsing Basic Web Template
Here's a basic Hellsing web template, tables and HTML only. Free for your personal use.
Best Historical Anime
The best anime set in another time and another place.
Naruto on DVD - Find All the Naruto DVDs Here
Naruto on DVD - Find All the Naruto DVDs Here
Dragon Ball Z Characters - The Good Guys
Dragon Ball Z Characters - The Good Guys
Naruto Series Profile - All About the Naruto...
After a lifetime of being shunned and ignored, a young ninja discovers that he is the vessel for a dangerous demon and begins a quest to uncover the secrets to his past. What is this intriguing anime I'm talking about? Naruto, of course. Get the details here.
Top 10 Creative Anime Ideas
Wanting to branch out and stretch those anime legs? Here's some creative and challenging ideas to give you an active anime life.
The Anime Dubbing Process
Learn how anime distribution companies outside of Japan give a given show or movie its English soundtrack.
Appleseed XIII
A well-written but awkwardly animated story derived from the settings and characters in Masamune Shirow's manga.
Best Anime With Terrible Titles
Don't be put off by the funny names, whether because of bad translation or inexplicable marketing. These anime are more than worth the time involved.
A standard-issue women-in-too-little-clothing-battling-each-other anime, which delivers no more than you'd expect for such a thing.
This three-installment OVA in the .hack universe works as an introduction to that franchise, and as a pretty good story on its own standalone terms.
DBZ Bad Guys - Majin Buu
Dragon Ball Z Characters - The Bad Guys - Majin Buu. Page 4.
Why Do Some Anime Never Get Licensed?
What keeps some anime titles from ever being licensed for distribution in English? Here's some common reasons why.
TOKYOPOP Manga Creator
If you've ever wanted to create your own manga, now you can! TOKYOPOP's new Manga Creator has got to be one of the coolest software package out there for aspiring manga artists. What if you're not an aspiring manga artist? You'll love it anyway! This is the most fun I've had in a while. Get the scoop here.
Design Your Own Anime Website
Do you dream of having your own anime web site but don't know where to start? Here's some tips to get your site up and running in no time flat.
How to Spot A Bootleg Anime DVD
Just found an unbelievable bargain on your favorite anime DVD? Before you buy, be sure that you're getting the real thing and not a bootleg copy. How can you tell? Here's some tips to help you spot the fakes.
Death Note Collection
A very effective distillation of the storyline of Death Note , minus some of the supporting characters
Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball... Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z is everywhere. Action figures, t-shirts and, to my son's delight, Playstation have all joined in the DBZ frenzy. But just what is a dragon ball? And why all the fuss?
Best Out-Of-Print Anime
Anime titles that have gone out of print and haven't been reissued, but have copies floating around and are worth a look.
Ergo Proxy: The Complete Series
A frustrating but also fascinating and heady mixture of science fiction, noir thriller, psychological fantasy, philosophical musings, and flat-out weirdness.
Death Note Series Profile - All About the Death...
Meet Light Yagami, a bright student who's bored to tears. But then he finds the Death Note, a mystic notebook that was dropped by a Shinigami death god. The notebook has an incredible power - any human who has their name written in the book will die. Light decides to use the book to get rid of all the evil in the world but starts to rethink his plan when a persistent detective becomes hot on his trail.
Best Anime About Real-World Issues
Learn more about anime that take a look at real-life subjects, from global warming to social isolation.
B Gata H Kei: Yamada's First Time
Raunchy laughs -- but not much else -- abound in this romantic comedy about a girl determined to lose her virginity.
Top 7 Favorite Family Anime
Looking for some anime that the whole family can enjoy? Look no further. Here's my favorite picks for family-friendly anime shows.
Breaking Into the Anime Industry
So you want a career in Anime, do you? Well, be forewarned: the competition is tough. But, with a little talent, a little moxie and good old-fashioned perseverance, there are a number of ways you can break into this popular industry. Here's some ideas to get you started on your hunt.
A Brief History of Anime (Continued)
A Brief History of Anime - A short overview of anime's origins and history, from the early silent era to today. Page 2.
Broken Blade: The Complete Film Series
"Magic" -- the human ability to manipulate quartz with the mind -- powers the giant war machines of Krisna
Anime 401: The Advanced Course
A list of shows for those now familar with anime, and who want to try out the most challenging and experimental shows in the medium.
Anime 201: Some Understanding of Japan Required
A list of shows for those relatively new to anime, with some understanding of Japan (and anime as well) helpful but not wholly essential.
Magic Woman M - Vol. 1
A sexy soceress and a forest of unpleasant characters are the basis for Magic Woman M, a new Anime HotShots title from Central Park Media. Definitely an adults-only anime, get the release details here.
Light Novels (And Their Relation to Anime)
Light novels -- short, easy-to-read fiction published in Japan for younger audiences -- are a major source of inspiration for anime. Learn more here.
Detective L
Detective L. Anime. Page 2.
Most Influential Anime Characters
Some of anime's most influential characters, often-imitated but rarely surpassed.
Best Action Anime Shows
Here's a rundown of the most exciting and action-packed anime out there, from major hits to older classics and hidden treasures.
Wolf Children
The director of ''Summer Wars'' and ''The Girl Who Leapt Through Time'' tops himself with this heartfelt and keenly-observed story about a most unusual family.
Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
The ghosts of the past return to beguile the living in this bittersweet drama about the lost opportunities of childhood, in English courtesy of NIS America.
DBZ Good Guys - Vegeta
Dragon Ball Z Characters - The Good Guys - Vegeta. Page 4.
Misa Amane - Anime Character Profile
Who's the lovely lady trying to steal Light's heart? None other than the deadly Misa Amane.
Top Anime Costume Resources
Halloween and anime were just made for each other, weren't they? With cosplay such a popular activity among anime fans, it seems Halloween is the perfect holiday to pull out all the anime stops. Still working on your costume? Here's some online resources to help you out.
Major Anime Distributors
Learn more about the major anime distributors in North America and elsewhere.
Hero Tales (Parts One and Two)
A review of the anime TV series Hero Tales, released on DVD in English by FUNimation.
Baby - Annihilation
The Dragon Ball saga continues in Annihilation, the next release in the GT series. Will Goku defeat Baby? I'll never tell...
Top 8 Anime Stores to Buy Anime Toys and...
Looking to beef up your collection of anime toys and cards? Here's my picks for the best anime stores on the web to buy all your favorite anime stuff.
Best Shojo Anime
Shojo anime's aimed at a female audience, but the best of it can appeal to everyone under the sun. Learn more here.
Anime and the Reverse Importing Problem
Why versions of anime titles produced outside of Japan get imported back into that country, what impact it has on the anime market, and what anime companies are trying to do about it.
Best Original Anime
Most anime are adapted from manga or other material; some, however, are entirely original creations. Here are some of the best.
Mardock Scramble: The First Compression
A former prostitute is resurrected as a cyborg warrior in this cyberpunk thriller anime adapted from Tow Ubukata's novels.
Chrome Shelled Regios
A review of the anime TV series Chrome Shelled Regios, released on DVD in English by FUNimation.
The Gist: In a land reminiscent of the Europe of the Middle Ages, a young lone-wolf warrior named Guts
Should My Kids Be Watching Anime?
Wondering if your kids should be watching anime? Get the answer to this and all your anime questions here.
Anthropomorphized nations of the world fight, make up, and get into trouble never seen in the history books. Learn more about this controversial anime comedy here.
Action Anime Sub-Genres and Themes
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Action anime is
DBZ Fighting Moves
As a long-time fan of Dragonball Z, I thought it might be fun to look at some of the techniques that made it so great. Here's some of the most notable moves in DBZ.
How To Choose Your Cosplay Costume
With so many great cosplay opportunities around, serious anime fans love to get creative with their costume creations. But how do you choose the right cosplay costume for you? Here's some simple tips to help you pick the perfect costume every time.
Collecting Anime
Collecting Anime is an art in itself. Some items you can find in surplus, while some you can't find at all. Knowing where and when to look is the key to finding what you want, like that pristine action figure NRFB, at a price you can live with. If you've ever wondered how to get your hands on your favorite Anime merchandise, wonder no longer. Here's a few tips to collecting all things Anime.
Hellsing - Series Profile
A new breed of vampire walks the streets. Artificially created, these vamps and their ghouls consider humanity an afterthought. Fortunately, the Hellsing Organization is there to restore balance... only, Hellsing is made up of vampire too... does mankind even stand a chance?
A review of the 11-episode supernatural action anime series, released in English by FUNimation Entertainment.
Samurai 7
If you're a fan of Japanese classics, you might remember the popular 1954 movie, Seven Samaurai. If so, you're going to love Samurai 7, a new anime based on Akira Kurosawa's original movie. Get the details here.
The Night When Evil Falls
Demons, tentacles and unsuspecting girls form the premise for a three-part adult OVA from Adult Source Media. Get the details on The Night When Evil Falls here.
Add a rogue vampire to a secret agency and what do you get? Hellsing, of course. Get the details on this popular anime series from Geneon Entertainment.
Eden of the East
A review of the 11-episode anime series directed by Kenji Kamiyama, and released in English by FUNimation Entertainment.
Gurren Lagann: Series Profile - All About The...
In a far and distant future, a revolution is taking place between massive robots operated by Beastmen and the humans that they have forced to live beneath the Earth. Get the details on Gurren Lagann, a new anime series from Bandai Entertainment.
Where can I watch anime online?
Looking to find a great place to download new anime? Check out these resources and start completing your digital library now.
Fairy Tail: Part I
A review of the first installment of the fantasy action/adventure series, in English by FUNimation Entertainment.
Tekken: Blood Vengeance
An absurd, but thoroughly enjoyable, 3D CGI animated side story in the Tekken universe -- written by the same man who gave us ''Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.''
Neon Genesis Evangelion
After the planet was left half-devastated by the arrival of the alien Angels, the secret organization Nerv has developed giant robot weapons to protect the earth from the next Angel assault. Their pilots are young, frail, emotionally unstable, and the only hope for the world.
Dance in the Vampire Bund: The Complete Series
A review of the complete 12-episode vampire action anime series Dance in the Vampire Bund,released in English by FUNimation Entertainment on Blu-ray Disc.
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
All about the thought-provoking cyberpunk anime that continues to define the genre, about the adventures of a clandestine government cybercrimes unit and their less-than-human commander.
Press Release - Ghost in the Shell:Innocence
Darker Than Black: Season Two
A review of the second season of the paranormal / sci-fi action series, in English courtesy of FUNimation Entertainment.
Naoto’s humdrum hometown life is flipped on its ear when a Vespa-riding alien girl wielding a bass guitar
Vampire Princess Miyu
If you love anime then you're going to love Vampire Princess Miyu. A TOKYOPOP production, Vampire Princess is a dark and thrilling masterpiece.
Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040: The Complete Series
This remake of the '80s cyberpunk classic doesn't quite have the same spark as the original, but it's still a fun show (even if its vision of the future has also dated as badly as the original's).
Dragon Ball Z Kai Part 3
A review of the TV show Dragon Ball Z Kai, Part Three, on Blu-ray from FUNimation Entertainment.
Best Unlicensed Anime
Learn about the best anime titles that still haven't made it into English.
The World God Only Knows: Season One
The first season of the romantic comedy The World God Only Knows, released in English on DVD and Blu-ray Disc by Sentai Filmworks.
Love conquers all, even a 400 year old battle between two dominant ninja clans. Want to know more? Check out Basilisk, one of the newest anime acquisitions from FUNimation.
Ouran High School Host Club
An overview of the TV series, based on Bisco Hatori's manga.
Black Blood Brothers
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Taking place in
A motorcycle gang, a dark military experiment and psychic powers that are beyond comprehension. Get the details on Akira, the anime movie classic!
Death Note Character Profiles
Death Note Character Profiles - Learn More About Your Favorite Death Note Characters
First Squad: The Moment of Truth
Russian psychics battle Nazi undead in this Russian/Japanese anime coproduction.
Shuffle! - Anime Series Profile
What happens when an ordinary boy is forced to choose between three girls vying for his affections? Find out in Shuffle!, the new anime hit from FUNimation.
FAQ - Anime
Answers to frequently asked questions about Lupin the 3rd, from your About.com Guide
Making It An Anime Christmas
'Tis the season to be jolly... And what could make that special someone happier than those perfect anime gifts? Here's a few ideas to help you with your shopping list.
Black Butler (Season 1, Part 2)
A review of the anime TV series Black Butler (Season 1, Part 2), released on DVD in English by FUNimation.
Princess Jellyfish: The Complete Series
A gloriously funny and gently profound comedy about the risk -- and virtue -- of being true to yourself.
Anime and the Reverse Importing Problem...
Why versions of anime titles produced outside of Japan get imported back into that country, what impact it has on the anime market, and what anime companies are trying to do about it. Page 2.
Anime Subbed v Anime Dubbed - You Make the Call
Which is better? Anime with subtitles or the ones with the voices just dubbed over? Check out the pros and cons and decide for yourself.
Dear Shojo Girl - My parents won't let me watch...
: Dear Shojo Girl - My parents won't let me watch anime. They've never really watched any of it, but
Anime v. Cartoons
What's the difference between anime and Western / American cartoons? The differences are many, and often striking. Here's a quick guide to many of the common differences between anime and conventional cartoon shows.
The Garden of Words
A gorgeous short film designed to tug on the emotions as much as it fills the eyes.
Best Anime Titles on Blu-ray Disc: TV Series
The best anime series on Blu-ray Disc, with both outstanding picture quality and extras.
Dragon Ball GT - Incubation
In this second DVD volume of Dragon Ball GT, we find Trunks frozen in metal, Pan in search of a traitor and Goku in the heat of a serious battle with General Rilldo. What will happen next? Get the scoop here.
Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuioku-hen (Trust & Betrayal)
The prequel film for the Rurouni Kenshin TV series, which depicts how Kenshin originally came to be an assassin and how he eventually ended that way of life as well.
What's an anime convention?
Learn about how anime fans get together and share their love of anime for a few days.
About Anime - Dragon Ball, Slayers, Tenchi,...
Stay up-to-date on all things Anime... Card Captors, Dragon Ball Z.. you want it, we got it here. From new releases to long-time classics -- news, updates, storylines and more.
Science Fiction Anime
Do you enjoy anime that propels you through time and space? Prefer a series that stretches the imagination and makes even the most impossible circumstances seem plausible? Then science-fiction anime might just be the genre for you! Find out more about this fast-moving line of anime shows here.
Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker
A sword-and-sorcery fantasy adventure that takes place in the same universe as BioWare’s Dragon Age game
DVD Regions Encoding Guide
Any time you purchase a DVD, you'll likely notice that the seller has marked it as "Region 1", "Region
Anime Web Templates
Anime Web Templates
Best Anime Adapted From Video Games
Learn about which of the best anime have video games as their source material, both for standalone features and long-running shows.

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