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Watching and Collecting Anime

Should you watch anime subtitled or dubbed? How do age ratings work? How do you start your own anime club? And how do you create your own anime collection without going broke? Learn the best ways to become an anime watcher and collector.

Buyer's Guide to Anime and Manga Age Ratings
A quick guide to common age ratings across the anime industry.

Anime Club Starter Kit Guide for Operation Anime
A detailed guide to starting your own anime club: equipment, location, personnel, etc.

Anime for Academic Libraries
For librarians, a quick guide to adding anime to an academic library -- which titles to start with, what books to complement them with.

Right Stuf's Anime Club Program
One of the most respected anime retailers offers a special program for those who want to start anime clubs or add video programming to conventions.

Subs vs. Dubs: The Great Debate
A very nuanced and intelligent overview of arguments both pro and con for dubbing vs. subtitling.

The Librarian's Guide to Anime and Manga
A short but concise guide to anime (and manga) from Gilles Poitras, author of many anime/manga guidebooks and resources.

When is an anime not an anime?
Community discussion about what classifies an anime as an anime in an age where animation is being outsourced to international animation studios and the industry is becoming more and more global.

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