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Video & Streaming

Sites that offer legit anime to watch online or download-to-own, either free or for-pay. Get up to speed on your favorite shows, or discover new shows you've never seen before. Sites listed here are ad-supported, or have free/premium broadcast tiers.
  1. For-Pay Streaming Sites (5)

Where can I watch anime online?
Find out where to download and stream anime episodes -- legally and in many cases for free.

The Anime Network
Originally a cable VOD network, The Anime Network has rebranded itself as an online streaming provider, and boasts a pretty rich catalog of titles from a variety of licensors. The first few episodes of shows are free, but a member account is required to watch more since it isn't an ad-supported service.

Bandai [YouTube]
The Bandai channel on YouTube broadcasts a number of Bandai's more popular shows, including "Code Geass", "Kurokami" and "Gundam 00", and trailers for many of their other properties.

Streams both anime and live-action drama shows, with many shows not yet available on DVD in the U.S. The free version of the site is ad-supported; the for-pay version removes ads and gives you access to higher-resolution streams.

A video service that normally focuses on movies, live-action TV and shows developed specifically for them, but which features a few anime titles -- the new "Astroboy", "Voltron", "Nodame Cantabile", the "Rurouni Kenshin" re-dub "Samurai X", and "Blood+".

FUNimation Video Portal
FUNimation's own video streaming site, featuring not only many titles from their back catalog, but new content they simulcast from Japan and freshly-licensed material that hasn't appeared on DVD yet. (Some shows are also hosted on Hulu as well.) For $7.95 a month, the site offers commercial-free streams, HD content, early access to English dubs, and many more bonuses.

This popular video-on-the-web destination also has a whole category devoted to anime (look under "Animation and cartoons"), with hits like "One Piece" and "Naruto" cheek-by-jowl with more adventurous shows like "Claymore" and "Samurai Champloo".

Originally a Japan-only video streaming site (something like that country's answer to YouTube), NicoNico has since opened an international arm featuring many streaming anime titles. A good portion of their catalog includes shows that are simulcasting in Japan and only available through NicoNico.

Nozomi Entertainment [YouTube]
The in-house acquisitions label for anime distributor The Right Stuf International has their own YouTube channel as well, with many excellent titles from their catalog uploaded in episode-by-episode fashion.

A free streaming site, their focus is anime with the vast majority of their shows provided by Hulu or FUNimation's licensing pool.

Features a small collection of anime titles, all from the FUNimation catalog: "Mushi-shi", "Glass Fleet", "Kiddy Grade", "xxxHOLiC", et al.

This online streaming site features anime as well as K-dramas and TV from around the world. Most interesting is how they handle subtitles: they're created and maintained both by the site's owners, and by the viewers. (Viki = video + wiki, get it?)

Viz's own video portal consists of all the flagship titles under their banner: "Naruto", "One Piece", "Death Note", "Bleach", etc., but also titles licensed under their Shojo Beat ("Honey and Clover","Nana", "Vampire Knight") and Shonen Sunday imprints ("Inuyasha", "Kekkaishi").

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