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Best of Anime Lists

Want to know what's what and who's who in anime? Here's my top picks to help you out.
  1. Best Anime of 2010 (7)
  2. Best Anime of 2011 (5)
  3. Best Anime of 2012 (3)
  4. Best of Anime by Category (26)

Top 10 Pokemon Anime Seasons
With almost 20 seasons of the Pokemon anime, which 10 rise above the rest? The results will surprise you.

Top 5 Anime for Star Wars Fans
Fans share their favorite anime series to show to that certain Star Wars fan who "Just doesn't like anime".

5 Favorite Anime Mothers
Who are the most influential anime mothers? The results may surprise you!

Most Influential Anime Characters
Learn about anime's most influential characters, often-imitated but rarely surpassed.

Best Unlicensed Anime
Find out which anime titles well worth tracking down still haven't made it into English.

Best Anime With Terrible Titles
Look past the strange names on these anime for some shows well worth checking out.

Top 20 Essential Anime
Here's a list of anime both shows and movies that make up the "core curriculum" for an anime watcher. Some are newer than others, some long-running while others only lasted a few episodes ... but all are crucial in some way, and all are a terrific viewing experience. (Note that you don't have to watch every episode of every show -- unless...

Best Anime Titles On Blu-Ray Only Available In Japan
Some of the anime on Blu-ray out there is only available from Japan. Here's the most interesting of those titles.

Best Original Anime
Learn about the best anime created directly for the screen.

Best Live-Action Anime Adaptations
The best adaptations of anime into live-action films, whether in Japan or elsewhere.

Best Sports / Competition Anime
Boxing, soccer, or poetry reading? There's an anime about everyone's favorite sport or competitive activity. Here's some of our favorites.

Best Anime from Novels
See which novels written for a Japanese audience have been a source of inspiration for anime.

Top 20 Guide's Favorites

Here's twenty anime favorites from my own shelf - titles which I've loved and cherished over the years, and which I recommend enthusiastically to others. Note that some titles may not be in print due to the changes in ownership for various anime distributors, but most of them should be easy enough to find.

Greatest Anime Soundtracks
The very best soundtracks created for anime, most available as domestic or imported CDs.

Anime for Kids
Wondering what to get that young anime fan in your house? Here's my top picks for the perfect anime collection for kids.

Anime on Date Night
It's Friday night and you don't have a date. Not to worry -- there's plenty of anime to keep you entertained.

Anime Toys & Games for the Holidays
Trying to shop for that anime fan in your house? Here's my list of anime toys & games that make great gifts... psst... could someone pass this on to Santa?

Places to Buy Anime Toys and Collectibles
Looking to beef up your collection of anime toys and cards? Here's my picks for the best spots on the web to buy all your favorite anime stuff.

Best Books to Learn to Draw Manga
Wish you could draw manga? Want to learn how? Here's my top picks for how-to books that will have you drawing your favorite manga characters (and maybe a few of your own!) in no time at all.

Newly Revised All Time Anime Classics
There's tons of great anime out there. But, as with an genre, there's always a few that never get old. Here's my top picks for the all-time anime movie greats.

Best Science Fiction Anime
The best science-fiction themed anime shows, from far-future space sagas to cyberpunk action.

Top Anime from the 60s, 70s and 80
Before anime hit it big in the West, there were many shows that had a giant influence within Japan -- and later abroad as well. Learn about them here.

Favorite Family Anime
Looking for some anime that the whole family can enjoy? Look no further. Here's my favorite picks for family-friendly anime shows.

Favorite Supernatural Animes
Like ghosts, goblins and things that go bump in the night? This list is for you.

Anime.About.com 2012 Readers' Choice Awards
See which shows, online services and anime distributors were the pick of the pack.

Anime.About.com 2011 Readers' Choice Awards
The best anime movies, series and OVAs as chosen by the readers of Anime.About.com in 2011.

Best New Anime Streaming Premieres Of 2011
The best newly-premiered anime of 2011.

2006 Anime Awards
2006 Anime Awards - And the Winner Is...

Anime Releases of 2006
Which anime blew us away in 2006? Here's some of my top picks; see if you have any favorites you'd like to add.

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