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Shopping & Resources

The best places to buy anime and anime-related products, from online destinations to shops that require a personal visit.
  1. Walk-In Stores (?)

Anime and manga news site that also includes coverage on Japanese entertainment, music, pop culture and video games. Plenty of reviews as well.

Anime Castle
A Flushing, NY-based store with many in-store discounts and events, and with a broad selection of merchandise from posters to swords. Check out the used and overstock items for occasional surprise bargains.

Anime Pavilion
An online store with walk-in locations in both Falls Church, VA and Melbourne, FL. The "grab-bag" bargains let you buy anywhere from $25 to $100 worth of randomly-selected merchandise.

Barnes & Noble
They're best known for being one of the biggest retail book chains, but they also have a good assortment of anime available in many of their larger walk-in stores and on their website.

FYE (For Your Entertainment)
FYE has plenty of walk-in stores across the country, but also a good Internet presence -- many new and secondhand anime titles show up both online and in their shops.

A site that aggregates searches from many independent book, movie, and music retailers worldwide. Many used and out-of-print titles can be located through GEMM, as well as older formats (LaserDisc, VHS, video CD, etc.). The link uses the keyword "anime" as a search term, but use any keyword (e.g., "AKIRA", "ESCAFLOWNE") for a more targeted search.

Described as "a wonderful toybox of things from Japan", J-List features a mix of anime and Japanese pop-culture goods for both adults and general audiences.

Right Stuf
One of the longest-lived and best-stocked online anime shops since anime started finding a market in the U.S. They have regular specials on titles put out by certain companies, which alone makes their newsletter worth signing up for.

Robert's Anime Corner Store
A fan-friendly and excellently-cultivated shop, with an accompanying blog that goes into detail about many Japanese pop-culture tidbits.

Screen Archives Entertainment
An online store that features movie soundtracks and reissues of rare films, but also has a small albeit well-curated selection of anime soundtracks for sale.

Second Spin
One of the longest-lived, independently-owned used media stores on the 'Net, Second Spin buys and sells CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs and video games. Anime titles are very well represented in their catalog, although there is no "anime" search category -- you'll have to search by specific titles. The "Just-In Bin" lets you browse what's most recently arrived, and many out-of-print anime titles tend to show up there (although they don't last long!).

An online used-CD/DVD shop with a healthy anime selection, as well as a "Notify Me" feature that automatically drops you a line when a given title comes into stock. This is a handy way of being alerted if you're looking for a used disc that only rarely shows up.

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