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New Manga Just For Teens


Updated December 27, 2004
VIZ has announced a new manga line that teen anime fans will love. Dubbed Shonen Jump Advanced, the new manga will target teens ages 15 and over by offering storylines and characters with a more mature appeal.

The first three titles to be offered by SHONEN JUMP ADVANCED are Eyeshield 21, Hunter X Hunter and I"s, all hugely popular titles in Japan. These three new titles will hit the stores in April of 2005.

EYESHIELD 21, Volume 1, is a sports-based story about Sena Kobayakawa, a high school freshman who's tired of being bullied. Created by Riichiro Inagaki and artist Yusuke Murata, Eyeshield 21 is a funny, slapstick comedy that follows Sena and his struggle to develop self-esteem.

HUNTER X HUNTER, Volume 1, was created by Yoshihiro Togashi, the same anime genius that brought us YuYu Hakusho. Hunter is the story of Gon, a would-be hunter who desires to follow in his father's footsteps. But in order to claim his birthright, Gon must pass a difficult and dangerous test. Not only will he face fierce and frightening monsters, but other less-honorable apprentices as well. Hunter is an intense manga full of action, suspense and magic.

I’’S, Volume 1, tells the story of Ichitaka Seto, a sixteen year old Japanese boy with a crush. Iori Ishizuki, the target of Ichitaka's affections is perhaps the most popular girl in school and Ichitaka feels he must keep his crush to himself. Full of surprises and twists from the get-go, I"s is a great, light-hearted story that anime fans are sure to love.

For more information on Shonen Jump Advanced and Viz's other great titles, visit their website.

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