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New Manga from TOKYOPOP


Blank - Photo Courtesy of TOKYOPOP

Blank - Photo Courtesy of TOKYOPOP

Updated December 03, 2006
Follow the misadventures of Blank, a screwed-up secret agent with a serious lapse in memory, and Aki, the confused tomboy whom he has sworn to protect, as they go deep undercover in that most dangerous of territories - high school! Between cramming for classes, mixing it up with the school thugs, and uncovering a dark plot laid by the terrorist organization Raizen, the two may just fall in love - if they don't kill each other first!

From Pop Mhan (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Image comics), Blank is a fun and action-packed look into the life of secret agent Blank, an awkward and not so valiant spy who suffers from a bad case of amnesia. When he shows up at Aki Clark's school, she's not quite sure what to think about him. But his sense of humor keeps her smiling and she can see his dedication - its not long before Aki finds Blank to be more than just a little attractive.

Unfortunately, the terrorist organization Raizen has other plans and if Blank doesn't remember his secret agent training soon, he and Aki will have more to worry about than a new romance.

Rated OT for teens age 16 and over, Blank hits your favorite manga shelves just in time for the holidays on December 12th.

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