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A Midnight Opera



Updated November 20, 2005
With the holidays just around the corner, I'm keeping my eyes open for great anime gift ideas and this one fits the bill.

For nearly a millennium, undead creatures have survived in a Europe driven by religious dogma by infiltrating and aiding groups bent on remformation and tolerance. As the centuries pass and religion's stranglehold on society loosens, the undead begin to feel more comfortable nestled inconspicuously into regular, human life.

New from TOKYOPOP, A Midnight Opera is the story of two brothers, Ein and Leroux DeLaLune. They are immortals, walking un-dead with haunting memories of the executions of their brethren. But over the centuries, the brothers and those like them have managed to integrate into mortal lifestyles, Ein himself becoming a famous rockstar. But the peace they've enjoyed may soon come to an end if they can't save the immortals from the magic of witch Elizabeth Bathory.

Creepy? Yes, it is :) A Midnight Opera is a gothic horror manga full of thrills, chills and okay, a little gore. Definitely not for young readers (or squeamish older ones) but if you have the stomach for it, A Midnight Opera will keep you poised on the edge of your seat.

Want more? Check out the online preview with TOKYOPOP's manga player.
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