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Resources to Create Your Own Manga


Its all in the details, isn't it? Text bubbles, the right font... how do you find what you need to create your own manga? Look no more... here's some resources to help you out.

Bip. Pow. Bam.
If I say "Aaarrrgh!", you know what I mean. But if I put it in one of those cool block fonts where the letters are large and stretched, then you really get the picture. Where do you find such cool fonts? Here's a few free downloads that can make all the diff in your manga:

Act Select- A few restrictions are noted at the top so be mindful.
Blambot.com - Cool fonts and those great text bubbles to enhance your dialogue. Some of the fonts are premium so watch which ones you download.

How Do They...?
Wondering how they make that cool rain effect? Or how to master drawing your characters' action scenes? Polykarbon.com has an amazing collection of tools for artists, including drawing techniques, photoshop tips and yes, that cool rain effect.

Do Your Homework
Need some background info on martial arts techniques or weaponry? Here's a great writer's resource with tons of links to background information. Just visit the Comic Writer's Guide and set your bookmark.

Easy Placement
Want a little extra help in your layout. This great template was originally designed for American comics but it will work just as well for manga.
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