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President Dad

New Manga from TOKYOPOP


President Dad - Photo Courtesy of TOKYOPOP

President Dad - Photo Courtesy of TOKYOPOP

Updated May 07, 2007
Ami Won’s late mother always told her to grow up to be an exemplary woman. And the chance presents itself now that her dad has been elected President of Korea. Thus begins this klutzy girl’s transformation into the girl her mother had always hoped she’d become. However, in the spotlight and imbued with a kind of social power she never expected, Ami is now beset on all sides by the jealous and dismayed. Her cousin Bi-Na leads this parade. Bi-Na considers herself naturally charismatic and infinitely more charming, so she feels she deserves the role as Korea’s First Lady.

Created by Yu-Jeon Rhim (This is Cherrywood, Devil's Bride), President Dad is a funny and lighthearted look at what can happen when we're unexpectedly thrust into the limelight.

Ami is only a freshman in high school but now that her dad has been elected President, she's got some serious appearances to make. And since her mother passed away long ago, she'll be expected to fill the shoes of First Lady too! Between the media, the mayhem and a couple of conniving relatives who'd like to see Ami fail, she's got quite a task ahead of her. Luckily, Ami also has some good friends to help her learn the ropes and make her father proud.

President Dad is currently available at your favorite manga stores. To get a free sneak peek, check out TOKYOPOP's online manga player.

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