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Little Queen

New Manga from TOKYOPOP


Little Queen - Photo Courtesy of TOKYOPOP

Little Queen - Photo Courtesy of TOKYOPOP

Updated April 02, 2007
Class rivals June and Lucia vie for the honor of being named the Queen of Light, entrusted with protecting the people from the King of Darkness.

June is an attractive girl whose feisty, hot temper and general laziness may prevent her from receiving the crown. Lucia has a more regal quality and a strong desire to match, but she is always overshadowed by June.

Will petty jealousies, love triangles, and one cute boy interfere with the Queen's royal duty?!

This is Little Queen, one of the many new mangas from TOKYOPOP. Created by Yeon-Joo Kim (Platina, Nabi, Soon-ae-bo), Little Queen is the story of June, a student at the magical Rohini Academy. June is pretty, sassy and ever-so-lazy and although she's a front-runner for the coveted title of the Queen of Light, June could care less. Except of course, that her school rival, Lucia is vying for the spot which means June absolutely has to beat her.

Add to the competitive pot June's long-time friend and school hottie, Sejuru and you've got high school rivalry at its best. All the girls like him, Lucia included and when she says that he's too good for someone like June, the battle is on.

Who will win the Queen of Light title? Will she be able to protect the school from the King of Darkness? And who will win Sejuru's heart? You'll just have to read Little Queen and find out.

For more Little Queen including an online sneak peek, check it out at TOKYOPOP.

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