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Pantheon High

New Manga from TOKYOPOP


Pantheon High - Photo Courtesy of TOKYOPOP

Pantheon High - Photo Courtesy of TOKYOPOP

Updated January 28, 2007
Welcome to Pantheon High! You’re not here because you’re smarter, faster or stronger than other kids. You’re better than other kids because you’re the child of a god and a mortal. As a demigod, you’ll get the best education a child of Greek, Norse, Japanese or Egyptian divinity can receive. Here at our Los Angeles based campus, you’ll study subjects ranging from Algebra to Mythstory under noted instructors such as Greece’s oldest mortal, Tithonus, and Japan’s mistress of combat, Ms. Hitomi Hachiman. And let’s not forget our very own Fighting Chimeras--divine league basketball champions two years running. Keep at ‘em, Coach Hercules! You may have heard prophecies or seen visions of a great doom looming over the school, but the End Of All Things is no excuse for tardiness and absences will go on your permanent record. The challenges at a school for demigods are great, but if anyone can face them it’s the students of… Pantheon High!

A brand new manga from TOKYOPOP, Pantheon High is the story of four unlikely friends - Aziza, the prima donna; Grace - the bookworm; Griffin, the loner and Ukio, the athlete. These four kiddos have absolutely nothing in common... except for the fact that they're all children of gods. And after learning of an evil plan by some school bullies to bring in Armageddon, the four decide to team up to make sure the brutes don't succeed.

Described as "The Breakfast Club meets Clash of the Titans" by TOKYOPOP editor, Paul Morrissey, Pantheon High is a fun and exciting new manga read. Full of action, suspense and of course, some demigod super powers, this book will have you looking at heroism in a whole new light.

Rated 16+, Pantheon High will hit your DVD shelves on February 13, 2007 but in the meantime, you can grab a sneak peek using TOKYOPOP's online player.

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