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Like anime? Then check it out in print. Manga is the japanese version of comic books and they make an excellent read. Get all the latest manga news here.
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Everything you need to know about manga, right here on About.com.

How To Write Your Own Manga

Think you've got a manga story in you somewhere? Most of us are capable of coming up with a decent storyline. Its getting it out on paper that takes some skill. Here's a few tips to help you bring out the next best seller.

Resources to Create Your Own Manga

Its all in the details, isn't it? Text bubbles, the right font -- how do you find what you need to create your own manga?

Legends of The Dark Crystal: The Garthim Wars

Remember The Dark Crystal? Well, the favorite fantasy film from Jim Henson now has a prequel - Legends of The Dark Crystal: The Garthim Wars. And its coming straight to you in graphic novel format from TOKYOPOP.

Brave Story

Young Wataru Mitani's life is a mess. His father has abandoned him, and his mother has been hospitalized after a suicide attempt. Desperately he searches for some way to change his life--a way to alter his fate. To achieve his goal, he must navigate the magical world of Vision, a land filled with creatures both fierce and friendly. And to complicate matters, he must outwit a merciless rival from the real world. Get the scoop on Brave Story, a new graphic novel from Viz Media.


Tobei is a ruthless samurai who has been damned to Hell for being so darn bad. But now he's been given a second chance and if he succeeds, he can restore his soul. The only problem? He has to kill 108 evil spirits in 108 days. Get the details on Togari, one of the new mangas from VIZ Media.


Dark days lie ahead for Aki. After her brother dies in a mysterious fire, she is left to pick up the pieces and try to sort things out. But things weren't all that great for Aki before her brother's death and it looks as if this tragedy might be enough to push her over the edge. Get the details on Me2, the newest manga series from Sho Murase and TOKYOPOP.

Sorcerers & Secretaries

A love-struck bookseller, an aspiring writer and a crush that just doesn't seem to stand a chance. This is the story behind Sorcerers & Secretaries, one of the many new mangas from TOKYOPOP. Get the details here.

Avalon High: Coronation

For high school student Ellie, life is just great. She's on the honor roll, she's a star on the track team and she just happens to be dating the class president. But there's just one little thing - her boyfriend is the reincarnation of King Arthur himself and if she doesn't get him to get on board with his destiny, life might not be so great after all.

War Angels

It's the year 2504. In the aftermath of an apocalyptic war, the surviving humans are ruled by the Beasterians, animal-human hybrids created to be the ultimate soldiers, but who instead became merciless tyrants. Doomed to extinction, humanity's future rests with the savior whose birth is foretold by the Post-Testament Bible. Get the details on War Angels here.

President Dad

When Ami's father is elected President of Korea, she really tries to live up to expectations. But she never counted on all of the jealousy and backstabbing - especially from her own cousin! Get the scoop on President Dad, one of the latest cool new mangas from TOKYOPOP.


Like Dance Dance Revolution? Then you're going to love Rhysmyth! When competitive high school student Elena starts looking for some extracurricular activities to beef up her college applications, she thinks that winning the dance battles might be just the thing. But is she really ready for Rhysmyth?

Grand Theft Galaxy

Sometimes, things are just out of our control. Like when Sam found out that her parents were actually intergalatic thieves. Or when she was forced to leave the only planet she's ever known and go on the run. And that's just the beginning. Get the details on Grand Theft Galaxy, one of the many new mangas from TOKYOPOP.

Gothic Sports

Hate being the new kid on the block? Anya did too until she decided to get even and form her own soccer team with the other misfits at school. The result? A Gothic-Lolita soccer team with style and spunk. Get the details on Gothic Sports, one of the many new mangas from TOKYOPOP here.


Vampires, a second coming of a seriously Dark Lord and a fallen priest with vengence on his mind. Sound interesting? Check out Priest, one of the many thriller mangas from TOKYOPOP.

Little Queen

A magical boarding school, a much-sought-after title and a girl named June with some serious attitude. This is Little Queen, one of the many popular mangas from TOKYOPOP.

Kat & Mouse

Okay, here's a fun one. Two girls, one high school and a determination to be true to yourself even if it doesn't mesh with the "in" crowd. This is the underlying premise behind Kat & Mouse, a new Nancy Drew style manga from TOKYOPOP.

Dark Goodbye

Hired to locate a missing girl, Detective Max Mason discovers quite a bit more than he bargained for. From lovely ladies with murder on their mind to some strange, dark creatures that defy anything Max has ever known, our heroic detective is in for a ride no man is meant to take. Get the details on Dark Goodbye, one of the new mangas from TOKYOPOP.


Adapted from the original MMORPG, Archlord is the tale of Zian, the boy who would be king, and his father's most trusted commanders, who will do what they can't to see that he never makes it. Get the details here.

Pantheon High

"If I only had super powers..." How many times have you spoken that silent wish? Well, before you hang your hat on becoming a demigod, check out the challenges at Pantheon High, a brand new manga from TOKYOPOP.


After moving to a new neighborhood with her 18 year old master, Suguri, the loving canine Lupin finds there are plenty of new adventures to be had. Get the details on Inubaka, a new manga from VIZ Media, right here.

Dragon Head

Imagine that you're on a train with your friends but suddenly, everything goes black and when you wake up, you're the only one alive. Intriguing? That's the story of Teru Aoki and you can read all about him in Dragon Head, the gripping graphic novel from TOKYOPOP.

My Dead Girlfirend

Meet Finney Bleak. Though charming and blessed with good looks, Finney just doesn't make the grade at Mephisto Prep. Pretty, smart and just a little bit dead. Can the two make this really long-distance romance work? Find out in this sneak peek of TOKYOPOP's My Dead Girlfriend.


What happens when a good guy police officer realizes that he's been fighting on the wrong side? That's the premise of Phantom, one of the new mangas from TOKYOPOP. Get the details here.

Elemental Gelade

What happens when a sky-pirate finds a living weapon? That's the question behind Elemental Gelade, a new manga from TOKYOPOP. Get the details here.

Utopia's Avenger

In the land of Joseon, peace and prosperity reigned thanks to its guardian, Hong Gil-Dong. But then he disappeared without a trace and evil ravished the land. Now Hong Gil-Dong is back. But what is waiting for him in the shadows?

O-Parts Hunter

A money-hungry boy and an aspiring treasure-hunting girl... what could these two have in common? O-Parts! Get the details on the new manga from VIZ Media here.


What happens when you mix a forgetful secret agent with a tomboy in the middle of a teen-life crisis? That's the story behind Blank, one of the many new mangas from TOKYOPOP. Get the details here.

Mark of The Succubus

What happens when a succubus-in-training falls in love with her first victim? That's the premise behind Mark of The Succubus, one of the many new mangas from TOKYOPOP. Get the details here.


Have The Warmongers blown up your planet? Have they sent their ultimate weapon—ominously dubbed The Ghost—to lay waste to your world? If so, RITS (Relocation, Insurance and Therapy Services) can help. We provide extensive relocation packages to those who have suddenly found themselves planetless. Read Snow, the latest new manga from TOKYOPOP


The place? Earthlight Lunar Colony. The year? 2068 A.D. Earthlight is the first international moon colony, an expensive and high-stress project that houses 228 adults and 42 kids. And just like life on Earth, kids must face bullies, self-esteem issues and all the other normal phases of growing up. But life on Earthlight is anything but normal...

Atomic King Daidogan

Ready for some new manga? Try Atomic King Daidogan on for size. Created by Rising Stars of Manga III Grand Prize winner, Nathan Maurer, Atomic King Daidogan is a futuristic comedy with big robots and lots of action. Want more? Get the details here.

Juror 13

How would you act if your life strangely began to fall apart? What if one day your beautiful fianceé, great job and loyal friends were all taken away from you? That's the premise behind Juror 13, one of the many mangas from TOKYOPOP. Get the details here.

Le Portrait de Petite Cossette

When Eiri discovers an old painting in the antique shop he works in, he finds himself entranced by the young girl in the picture. But the painting is haunted and unexplainable and terrible things have happened to the previous owners - will Eiri suffer the same fate? Get a sneak preview of Le Portrait de Petite Cossette here.


Remember your first anime convention? Well, that's the idea behind Dramacon, a new manga from TOKYOPOP. Get the details here.

New Manga Online Edition at TOKYOPOP

The new Manga Online edition is up at TOKYOPOP and its definitely worth a look. Get the details here.

Vampire Knight

A day class full of normal students and a night class full of vampires. The Guardians of Cross Academy have one job: to keep the toothy secret hidden from the day class members. Get the details on Vampire Knight, a new manga from Viz Media, here.


A young girl gone mad, a spooky old house and an ugly little secret that the town doesn't want to speak of. Intrigued? I thought you might be. This is Bizenghast, a new manga from TOKYOPOP. Get the details here.

TOKYOPOP Announces Pop Fiction

How's this for a new anime twist? TOKYOPOP has announced the October 2006 launch of Pop Fiction, a new line of serialized international teen novels. There's four cool novels to kick the line off right and I'm sure there will be more on the way. Get the sneak peek here.


A crow, a fish, a bear and a bat... oh, and did I mention they're all human too? Interested? Then grab +Anima, one of the latest mangas from TOKYOPOP. Get the details here.

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase

Even though he comes from a long line of exorcists and mediums, Kouhei Midou doesn't seem to possess even a smidgen of psychic sense. But with his quick thinking and help from his psychic cousin, Kouhei may just become the next great detective. Get all the details on Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase here.

Rozen Maiden

What do a shopping addiction and a strange living doll have in common? They're both key components in Rozen Maiden, a new manga straight from TOKYOPOP. Get all the details here.

Sacred Fire - Part II

Well, here it is... part 2 of Sacred Fire, the original manga where you tell me how the story should go. In our last episode, Seika discovered a mysterious and seemingly ancient book that she simply could not put down. But the book may be more than Seika bargained for. Let's find out in Sacred Fire, Part 2.

East Coast Rising

When his ship is attacked by pirates, Archer is left floating adrift in a violent sea. But its not long before he finds himself on the fastest ship in the East Coast, searching for a legendary treasure. Get the details on East Coast Rising here.

Let's Write A Manga! Sacred Fire Part 1

Want to write a manga? Here's your chance! I've developed a story but I need your help. Read part 1 and then cast you vote for what happens next.

KamiKaze - New Manga from TOKYOPOP

The forces of nature. Ancient warriors. And a battle between good and evil. This is KamiKaze, one of the latest new manga releases from TOKYOPOP. Get the details here.

February Manga Online Now Available

Ever wonder how manga creators come up with just the right lettering? Read the February issue of Manga Online and find out.

Naoki Urasawa's Monster

Looking for a new manga? Something with a few good thrills and chills? Then check this out.

New Manga Online Issue Available

The January issue of Manga Online is up at TOKYOPOP.com. Get a sneak peek here.

January Issue of Shojo Beat Coming Your Way

The new January 2006 issue of Shojo Beat is coming your way this week and what an issue it is. Get the scoop here.

ShojoBeat - Manga from the Heart

Looking for something for that special female anime fan? Look no further... Shojo Beat has got you covered.

A Midnight Opera

With the holidays just around the corner, I'm keeping my eyes open for great anime gift ideas and this one fits the bill. Check out A Midnight Opera, one of many new manga series from TOKYOPOP.com.

Manga Online - November 2005

The November issue of Manga Online is out. Get the details here.

I Luv Halloween Manga

TOKYOPOP has launched volume 1 of "I Luv Halloween", a new online manga player, just in time for the spooky holiday. Get the details here.

New Manga from Komikwerks

Looking for some new manga? Look no further.. Komikwerks has you covered.

Want to Make Manga?

Want to see how manga is made? TOKYOPOP is willing to show you. Get the details here.

Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden

Fushigi Yugi fans will enjoy this manga premier. Check out the prequel to the anime classic in Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden. Get all the details here.

New Fullmetal Alchemist Preview from Viz

Viz Media recently announced several new manga titles including the popular Fullmetal Alchemist. Want a sneak peak? Get the details here.

New Manga - The Tarot Cafe

Looking for some new manga? Then have I got a book for you. Check out The Tarot Cafe, Tokyopop's latest supernatural manga.

Viz Announces Fullmetal Alchemist Manga

Viz has announced the release of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga coming soon to a shelf near you. Read the full press release here.

New Manga Just For Teens

VIZ has announced a new manga line that teen anime fans will love. Get the details here.

New Manga from Viz

Viz has done it again. Two new mangas are hitting the shelves soon - Dr. Slump and Legendz. Get the details here.

Peach Girl

The teenage drama continues in the Peach Girl limited edition box set from TOKYOPOP. Get the details here.

STONe - New Manga from TOKYOPOP

Looking for some new manga? Look no further. Here's a great pick straight from TOKYOPOP

Kim Possible Cine-Manga from TOKYOPOP

As TOKYOPOP expands their Cine-Manga line, we're seeing many of our favorite not-necessarily-anime shows appear manga style. Kim Possible is one such show, a popular cartoon currently showing on The Disney Channel. What is Cine-Manga? And who is Kim Possible? Get the scoop here.

The Tarot Cafe Coming in 2005

Looking for some new manga? Something exciting, different and maybe a little bit off the beaten path? Well, you're in luck. TOKYOPOP has announced the upcoming release of The Tarot Cafe. Get the details here.

Online Manga Review - Project Arms

Manga is great. Online manga is even better. The folks at Viz,LLC know this and so they've graced us with Project Arms, a story of nano-machines, telekinesis and secret ops. Get the details here.

How To Draw Manga

A great resource for anyone wanting to learn the art of drawing Anime and Manga. Tutorials, contests and an artists forum are all featured here.


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