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Anime Artist Wanted


Updated September 02, 2004
See original posting below:

I run a technical consulting start-up in Pennsylvania. I'm looking to hire an artist to draw high-res detailed color images or scannable art to our specs for postcards, flyers, brochures, web (http://www.NetPrivateer.com), etc. I'm thinking perhaps an anime or comic style hero theme. It can be tied to the privateer concept but doesn't have to be. The character's appearance would need to be refined and consistent across all forms of advertising. Scenes and storyboards would generally show the character coming to the rescue in various scenarios.

We would need to retain royalty-free rights to anything developed and the art would be included in company copyrights but you could use us as a work reference. We were thinking of hiring on a daily rate but we're flexible. If you have done this kind of work before and would be interested, please send a work sample or link to "routerjedi@speakeasy.net" for evaluation.

Further ideas and/or contacts would also be appreciated.

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