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Fun Stuff & Downloads

Who doesn't like a good freebie? Even better if its Anime, right? Here's a list of Anime goodies, from screensavers to skins. Enjoy!
  1. Anime Collectibles (8)
  2. Anime Download Directory (21)
  3. Anime Games & Quizzes (3)
  4. Anime Music Videos (2)
  5. Anime Webmaster Resources (27)

Creative Anime Ideas
Wanting to branch out and stretch those anime legs? Here's some creative and challenging ideas to give you an active anime life.

And the Winner Is... The 2005 Anime Award Show
The voting turnout was tremendous but we've finally got our tally. Find out who won this years Anime Awards from About.com.

Japanese the Manga Way
Trying to master the Japanese language? If learning Japanese is on your list of new year to-do's, have I got a book for you :)

2005 Anime Award Nominations
Tis the season to hand out the awards again and I thought we'd honor that process by handing out a few of our own. But I need your help. Send me your nominations to fill these "best of anime" categories.

Simply Scripts
If you're looking for Anime scripts, this is the place. Search by name or just browse alphabetically.

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