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International Manga & Anime Festival

Contest Deadline Extended


Updated August 20, 2009
The International Manga & Anime Festival (IMAF) has extended its contest deadline to December 31, 2004.

What is the IMAF? The first annual event, IMAF is a product of the County Hall Animation Studio Enterprise (CHASE), an organization dedicated to recognizing new manga illustrators and giving them international exposure.

The festival is completely free and will feature exceptional anime from ADV Films. The festival runs from December 16 through 19, 2004.

What about the contest? In addition to the great anime viewing, IMAF is also sponsoring a manga contest. Categories include Best Short Animation, Best Storyboard and Best Character. Each category will be broken into three age groups: Kids, Teens and Adults with a $5,000 grand prize for each. There is also an Outstanding Entry category which will bring one lucky winner a $30,000 prize.

All the contest details and a downloadable entry form can be found at their website.
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