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Black Blood Brothers Character Gallery - Kotaro Mochizuki


Kotaro Mochizuki - Image Courtesy of FUNimation

Kotaro Mochizuki - Image Courtesy of FUNimation

Kotaro is Jiro's younger brother and the reincarnation of Alice Eve, the original Sage Blood vampire. Unlike his brother, Kotaro has no sensitivity to light or water and bears no resemblance to Jiro at all, even though he is a Sage blood vampire too. He can tolerate a considerable amount of pain, as he's constantly "messing up" and Jiro punishes him by slamming him against walls and floors. Although he is a vampire, Kotaro has no special abilities because he has not yet "remembered" his sage bloodline, something that will happen when he matures and Jiro returns the bloodline to him. [br][br] Voiced by Leah Clark
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