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Best Anime of 2010

Best Anime of 2010

Anime.About.com 2010 Readers' Choice Awards
Make your voice heard! Cast your votes in the Anime.About.com 2011 Readers' Choice Awards (February 11 through March 8).

Anime.About.com 2011 Readers' Choice Awards
Your voices have been heard! See the winners for the Anime.About.com 2011 Readers' Choice Awards!

Best New Anime Releases of 2010
Despite the tough anime market in 2010, a remarkable number of creative, intriguing and downright fun titles landed on shelves this year. Here's my short list for the best of the new anime releases from 2010, in no particular order. Note that for this category, I'm concentrating exclusively on titles that were newly-licensed releases for that...

Best Anime Re-Releases of 2010
Good shows never completely die, and in 2010 a number of gems were picked up and brought back to life on video. This list is the best shows reissued this year that were either older items never issued before on video, or which went out of print for a time but have been relicensed and re-distributed. It doesn't include priced-down reissues of...

Best Anime on Streaming Video of 2010
Thanks to the number of legit video streaming sites out there, it's become easier than ever to watch both new releases and classic titles. What's become even more striking over the past couple of years is the number of titles that debut as streaming-only releases, and gain immense attention that way. Here's a roundup of the most notable...

Best Miscellaneous Anime of 2010
The best of 2010's anime selections in a variety of miscellaneous categories.

Anime.About.com 2011 Readers' Choice Awards
The best anime movies, series and OVAs as chosen by the readers of Anime.About.com in 2011.

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