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All Your Favorite Anime Shows, from A to Z!


Ready to immerse yourself in anime? Get it all right here. From the latest new shows to the classics we just can't forget.
  1. Greatest Anime By Category
  2. Hot New Anime Titles
  3. Anime Top Picks
  4. Classic Anime Shows
  5. Anime Movies
  1. Action Anime Titles
  2. Horror Anime Titles
  3. Comedy, Drama and Slice-Of-Life
  4. Science Fiction Anime Shows
  5. Supernatural Anime Titles

Greatest Anime By Category

Browse anime by genre and see what the best titles are in each category.

Hot New Anime Titles

Want the latest in anime releases? Check out these hot new titles.

Anime Top Picks

Wondering what to watch? Here are some recommendation lists to help you navigate your way through all those tempting anime titles.

Classic Anime Shows

Ghost in the Shell

No matter what new series hit the DVD shelves, there are just some anime shows we can't forget.

Anime Movies

Not just an episode or two, but full-length feature films in anime style. Got your popcorn ready?

Action Anime Titles

The Animatrix

If it's action you like, then we've got just the thing.

Horror Anime Titles

Claymore DVD Starter Set - Image Courtesy of FUNimation

Like anime that makes you scream? Then you're going to love these titles. Here's some of the best horror anime around.

Comedy, Drama and Slice-Of-Life

If you want to laugh, cry, or just get that warm fuzzy feeling, here's a selection of anime to feed those needs.

Science Fiction Anime Shows

Cowboy Bebop - The Movie - Image Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Do you dream of life on other planets and flying through outer space? Love robots and alternate universes? Then this is the list for you.

Supernatural Anime Titles

Ergo Proxy - Cover courtesy of Geneon Entertainment

Do you like anime that goes bump in the night? Stories that bring you face to face with those that are not of this world? Here's the best in supernatural anime flicks.

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