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Bleach and Trinity Blood Coming to Adult Swim

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Trinity Blood

Trinity Blood

Updated July 17, 2006
According to a post at Animation Insider, Adult Swim announed its programming lineup for the second half of 2006. Among their tried and true classics comes a few new faces - specifically Bleach and Trinity Blood.

15 year-old Ichigo Kurosaki can see ghosts. And I mean, really see ghosts. When his family is attacked by a malicious spirit, Ichigo hooks up with a female Death God and becomes a Soul Reaper, dedicated to protecting others and helping lost souls find their way home.

Trinity Blood
Based on the original manga by Kiyo Kyuujou, Trinity Blood is a Trigun-esq thriller with plenty of nail-biting moments and its fair share of witty sarcasm. Its been 500 years since Armageddon and all is apparently well. Or so it seems. But hidden below the peace and tranquility, an ancient battle is going strong. One of the Ax members is Abel Nightroad, a Vatican priest yes, but also a vampire himself who lives on the blood of other vampires. His nemesis? A vampiric twin named Cain Nightroad. Bleach and Trinity Blood will begin airing on Adult Swim on September 9th at 11:30pm and 12am respectively.

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