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Cromartie High School

New Anime from ADV Films


Mar 27 2005

The only thing for certain is that for Kamiyama, Cromartie High School is his reality. And what a surreal reality it is. Because this is where the toughest, meanest (and often the dumbest) students are sent to do time. At Cromartie, purple haired-mohawked bruisers and pencil-chomping street thugs are just part of every day life.

And so is a 400-pound gorilla. And a macho brute named Freddie who travels with his own theme music. And, of course, Mechazawa, the student voted most likely to need an oil change. So pack your bags, put on your best tough-guy swagger, and get a lesson in insanity from the hilarious losers at Cromartie High. This is one class you won't ever want to cut.

This is Cromartie High School, a new anime from ADV Films. Produced by Production I.G. (Blue Seed, Ghost in the Shell) and TV Tokyo (Final Fantasy: Unlimited), Cromartie High School is the story of Kamiyama and his life in a high school built just for delinquents. Based on the popular managa by Eiji Nonaka, Cromartie High School is a funny, brash and all too honest look at life as we pretend not to know it.

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