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Japan has been hiding behind an electronic veil of secrecy for the last decade. Now, the United Nations can no longer ignore its blatant defiance of anti-robotic laws and sends in a special forces team known as "SWORD" to disarm the electronic veil and show the rest of the world what Japan has been hiding.
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Vexille - © FUNimation EntertainmentVexille Screenshots: Diawa's Top HenchmanDiawa's Robotics in VexilleDiawa's Robotics in VexilleJag - Vexille's Metal SandwormJag - Vexille's Metal SandwormVexille - MariaVexille - Maria
Vexille in JapanVexille in JapanVexille - Protective Energy Field That Surrounds JapanVexille - Protective Energy Field That Surrounds JapanVexille's LeonVexille's LeonVexille - Breaking into JapanVexille - Breaking into Japan
Vexille - A SWORD Raid Gone BadVexille - A SWORD Raid Gone BadVexilleVexille

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