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Anime - By Category

Anime Primer
Wondering what Anime is all about? Get the inside scoop on Anime, including the history, the art and where you go to find more.

Anime Shows A-Z
Full rundowns of popular anime titles, series reviews, character biographies, and much more.

Best of Anime
Want to know what's what and who's who in anime? Here's my top picks to help you out.

Watching and Collecting Anime
Should you watch anime subtitled or dubbed? How do age ratings work? How do you start your own anime club? And how do you create your own anime collection without going broke? Learn the best ways to become an anime watcher and collector.

Video & Streaming
Sites that offer legit anime to watch online or download-to-own, either free or for-pay. Get up to speed on your favorite shows, or discover new shows you've never seen before. Sites listed here are ad-supported, or have free/premium broadcast tiers.

Anime Publishers & Distributors
Learn about the companies who distribute and publish your favorite anime titles.

Anime Creators
Read about the men and women who create anime: the artists, animators, character designers and screenwriters.

Anime Community
Want to tap into the anime community? You don't have to look far. From blogs and fan sites to wikis and local clubs, there's plenty of anime fans to mix and mingle with. You just have to know where to look.

Want to get started on that Slayer costume but not sure where to start? Here's a list of sites that will get you going -- from sample work to detailed how-to's.

Shopping & Resources
The best places to buy anime and anime-related products, from online destinations to shops that require a personal visit.

Anime Conventions
Learn about what anime-themed conventions are coming to a city near you. Meet other fans, watch new shows not yet released here, and participate in panels or other activities.

Fanart & Images
Image galleries, screenshots, and fan art about and from your favorite anime series.

Fun Stuff & Downloads
Who doesn't like a good freebie? Even better if its Anime, right? Here's a list of Anime goodies, from screensavers to skins. Enjoy!

Hentai - Adult Anime
Looking for something just a bit more mature? Here's some links on hentai - the anime for adults only.

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