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Press Release - Ghost in the Shell:Innocence


Updated May 02, 2004
Press Release - Courtesy of Dreamworks Pictures


Director Mamoru Oshii's GHOST IN THE SHELL 2: INNOCENCE has been selected to compete for the coveted Palme d'Or at this year's Cannes International Film Festival. Over 1300 titles were submitted for competition at this year's Cannes International Film Festival, with only 18 making to the official competition.

This marks the first time ever that this honor has been extended to an animé film, and only the sixth time that an animated film of any kind has been chosen for competition at Cannes. The animated films that have been nominated in the past are "Dumbo" (1947), "Peter Pan" (1953), "Fantastic Planet" (1973) and "Shrek" (2001). "Shrek 2" (2004) has also been selected for competition in this year's festival.

Mamoru Oshii responded that he was extremely proud to have his film earn this distinction, stating, "I am very grateful to the Cannes Film Festival for honoring me and my film in this way. I am proud to be in the company of all the nominees. The inclusion of 'Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence' is further recognition of Japanese animation-anime-as an important movie genre, standing alongside all other genres. The only drawback is having to wear a tuxedo, but I know that's part of my job as a director."

"Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence" is the story of a solitary cyborg who desperately wants to hold on to what's left of his humanity in a world wherethe worth of the human soul is fading almost into obscurity. Mamoru Oshii again wrote and directed "Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence," which is the second animé feature to be released under the Go Fish Pictures banner, a division of DreamWorks Pictures. Artwork and additional information on GHOST IN THE SHELL 2: INNOCENCE is available online at www.dreamworkspresskits.com.

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