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Top 5 Anime Movie Classics


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Princess Mononoke
Princess Mononoke
There's tons of great anime out there. But, as with an genre, there's always a few that never get old. Here's my top picks for the all-time anime movie greats.

1) Princess Mononoke

Okay, yes its a little old, 1997 to be exact, but it is one of the best out there. Good guys, bad guys and the spirit world all come together in this action-packed man v. nature story.

2) Ghost in the Shell

Another oldie but goodie (1996), Ghost in the Shell is one of my all time favs. Imagine the CIA in cyberspace and you've got the beginnings of what this movie is about. A wonderful sci-fi thriller, there's never a dull moment in Ghost in the Shell.

3) Akira

Governmental corruption, conspiracy and childhood friends. Oh, and did I mention a little psychic phenomena as well? Possibly one of the most popular Anime films, Akira gives you a bit of everything -- from high-speed action (via the motorcycle chases) to telepathic battles. This one you've got to see.

4) Escaflowne: The Movie

Based on the 1996 television series, Hitomi is a bored young girl who finds a new life (on a new world, mind you) as the legendary Goddess of Wings. Talk about self-discovery -- this is absolutley one of my favs!

5) Dragon Ball Z: Movie 4 Lord Slug

Okay, I know the ending could have been better. So why did this make my top picks list? A couple of reasons, actually. Goku powers up to fight Lord Slug, but not at Super Saiyan levels. Its like watching the Goku from the Ginyu Saga -- kind of refreshing now that we're seeing SSJ 3 and 4. That and the battle scenes are played to some tunes from Disturbed, music that I think is definitely DBZ.
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