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New Feature: Best Unlicensed Anime

By December 31, 2012

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For the very last article of the year, we've decided to look back over our shoulders -- but not for one more best-of-the-year list. Rather, we're looking back at the titles we've wanted to see released in English, but which for various reasons remain languishing in limbo.

One of the tough things about building a list along these lines is how to figure out what's "best". The sheer number of shows that have never been licensed would fill a book, and some of them remain unlicensed for good reasons -- they're simply not very good, or they are impossibly esoteric. But with a little digging it isn't difficult to produce a list of titles -- one we can expand on in the future, certainly -- where most everyone would agree everything on it deserves a proper release.

See the list we've compiled, and chime in below with your own suggestions, too.

See you next year!

Image: The Tatami Galaxy The Tatami Galaxy Committee. Image courtesy FUNimation.


January 11, 2013 at 2:02 am
(1) Joseph Petek says:

I agree that it’s a bit mind-boggling that Dennou Coil hasn’t been picked up for distribution in the US. It’s probably in my top 5 for anime series, and I’ve watched a lot. And it’s a show that’s *truly* for all-ages — engaging enough for kids, with enough depth and complexity to satisfy adults.

I have a subtitled version of Legend of Galactic Heroes, but I’ve only watched a few episodes, because I know it’s about 140 episodes long, and I’m afraid of getting sucked in when I don’t really have time anymore to get sucked in by this stuff. Still, I plan to get around to watching it someday.

I’ve seen Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny. A mixed bag. I didn’t like SEED that well until about 15 or 20 episodes in, then I really liked it, at least until the “ending” that provided zero closure/wrap-up. You know it’s bad when they do a supplemental OVA six months later just to give fans closure. Hint to Sunrise: don’t try to do all your wrap-up *during the ending credits of your final episode*. That’s just dumb.

Meanwhile, SEED Destiny I hated. Shinn was a little brat who never stopped being a little brat, and the series as a whole was just a giant retread that really didn’t do anything the first series hadn’t done.

Still, I’d be willing to try some of the other Gundams if they ever did get localized…

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