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Anime Review: 'Is This A Zombie? Season 1'

By December 20, 2012

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George Romero, godfather of the zombie-movie genre (it was he who gave us Night of the Living Dead), once remarked how zombies were the second-class citizens of horror. He's done more than his fair share of bringing them into the limelight: zombie horror is now insanely popular not just in English-speaking territories, but all over the world.

Especially Japan, as you can imagine, where it's worked its way into any number of anime productions. High School of the Dead comes to mind, but the most current example is the quirkily-named Is This A Zombie?.

ITAZ? actually uses the zombie genre as only one element in a very large stew of genre trappings. The hero, Ayumu, is killed -- even before the series actually starts -- and is brought back to life as a zombie by a friendly neighborhood necromancer. Before long, he's up to his ears in monsters, vampire ninjas, magical girls, and most everything else under (and away from) the sun.

Read our full review of this mix of horror, comedy, and slapstick, and comment below if you've seen it yourself.

Image: Is This A Zombie? Season 1 2011 Sinichi Kimura/Kobuichi Muririn/Fujimi Shobou/Korezon Partners. Image courtesy FUNimation.


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