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Anime Review: 'Steins;Gate: The Complete Series, Part Two'

By December 17, 2012

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Time travel, comedies of manners, conspiracy thrillers, love stories -- these things shouldn't have anything in common, should they? Actually, they do: Steins;Gate.

The first half of this genre-hopping wonder of a series promised not only laughs and eyebrow-raising possibilities, but thrills and even some tugged heartstrings. Now the second half has been released, thanks to FUNimation in the U.S., which brings it to a close.

For those who missed the first half, Steins;Gate gave us the misadventures of self-styled "mad scientist" Rintaro Okabe, who stumbles across a way to send information backwards through time and draws the attention of nefarious forces bent on enslaving humanity. With the help of physics prodigy Makise Kurisu and the other members of the "Future Gadget Laboratory", he attempts to unravel the mysteries that have enveloped them all -- and, if they're not careful, could spell the end of the human race. Or at the very least, the end of Okabe and Makise as an item.

Read our full review of the second half of Steins;Gate and chime in below about this most unusual, and remarkable, of anime hybrids.

Image: Steins;Gate: The Complete Series, Part Two 2011 5pb. / Nitroplus Steins;Gate Partners. Image courtesy FUNimation.


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